Portable FFE & LSA Equipment Inspections

The periodical inspections of the firefighting equipment have a vital importance for the safety of human life in shipping.
Hellas Safety Marine is authorized to execute inspections and maintenance of firefighting equipment according to European an international regulations and standards. In our premises or on board worldwide, a team of well and continuously trained technicians, could provide a wide range of services in the following firefighting appliances:

• All types of Portable fire extinguishers
• All types of semi portables fire extinguishers
• Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
• Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD)
• Medical Oxygen Resuscitator
• Immersion suits
• Inflatable Life Jackets
• Fire man’s outfits
• Chemical suits

Authorized service station for SPASCIANI, YEAN, FANGZAHN, LALIZAS safety equipment

The inspections required according to the international standards are:

• Annual inspection
• 5-yearly inspection
• 10-yearly inspection

After the inspection of the appliances our company could provide the vessel and the company with all the necessary evidence for the works carried out such as:

• Works reports for the vessel
• Internal reports, thoroughly describing all the equipment and appliances that have been inspected.
• Certificates
• With the on-line certificates portal, all our customers have access 7/24 to their certificate database.

Hellas Safety Marine could also provide the vessel with all the necessary spare parts required for a proper maintenance of the equipment.


Permanent Installation Inspections

Our experienced technician team could provide annual biannual, 5-years and 10-years inspection, service and maintenance of all permanent firefighting systems on board.

• CO2 installations High & Low pressure Systems
• Foam fixed systems
• Water Mist systems
• Wet Chemical systems
• Dry Powder systems
• Sprinkler & Deluge systems

After the inspection all the permanent systems will be proper serviced and certified in compliance with the national and local requirements.


Life Raft Inspections

Our life raft service station covers an area of 700 m2.
Is approved by ISO 9001 and by all major classification societies.
It is equipped with the latest technological equipment and operates in accordance with international standards and national registrations.
Our team of technicians attend training courses that are held in our station and in training centers, by the manufacturers our company is authorized.
Our station and our technicians are certified to service a big variety of life raft brands such as:

• Seasafe
• Youlong
• Lalizas

The service of the Life rafts and all necessary tests perform according to IMO Regulation A.761(18)


Marine Service

Our company offers technical support for the service and certification on a worldwide level, through a team of well and continuously trained technicians.
The ability for global service and certification on-board is one of the big advantages of the company.
Our flexible team of technicians is trained consistently to provide high and professional level of services while working in compliance with local and international regulations. Through our Online Certificate Portal all our customers have access to their FFE&LSA equipment certificates any time in order to fulfill even the most urgent circumstances.


Shore Service

Our services are not focused only in the Marine sector but also in the business, industrial and private buildings.
From the supply, maintenance, refilling and hydraulic testing of your portable fire extinguishers, to the design, licensing and installation of your fire extinguishing systems or the elaboration and implementation of modern fire detection systems, as well as the regular inspection of the fire extinguisher.
With a big experience in national and international competitions Hellas Safety Marine has acquire the required experience to correspond even in the most difficult circumstances.