YEAN - Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD)

Model: THBF15

Duration: 15 Minutes

Hood Material: Flame Retardant PVC

Cylinder Material: Steel 


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FANGZHAN Emergency Escape Breathing Devie (EEBD)

Brand Name:FZXF

Model Number:TH/15


Air Cylinder Volume:3L

Normal working pressure:210Bar...

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FANGZHAN - Cylinder Valve 300 Bar

Product Name: Cylinder valve 

Pressure: 300 Bar 

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FANGZHAN RHZK6/30 - Set Gauge & High Pressure Hose

Product Type: Pressure Gauge with High pressure hose for Fire Fighting Air Breathing Apparatus

Range of measurement: 0~40MPa


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FANGZHAN RHZK6/30 - Air Demand Valve

Model Number: RHZK

Product name: air demand valve,air supply hose,scba,breathing apparatus

Working pressure:30Mpa


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FANGZHAN RHZK6/30 - Full face mask

Model Number: FZM-2

Product name: full face mask air mask emergency mask for respirator

Material: PVC

Name: full face...

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